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Indiana UXPA Chapter (Formely Indiana UPA)

The Indiana Chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association was formed in October 2002.

World Usability Day

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World Usability Day 2014 - November 13
User Experience is all about engagement. Technology, products and services are usable when they engage people. At work we strive to engage with those around us—whether they’re users, colleagues, or stakeholders. It means getting people on board with an idea, earning trust, and working toward mutual goals. We all know how challenging that can be.

This is the year to think out of the box. How can you engage people to use technology products and services? What kind of design thinking needs to be incorporated, to keep people engaged? How can you engage those outside our field, to understand the importance of a good user experience? Can we engage people to help changes those things that are not working well?

Become inspired and engaged at this full day conference!  Network with other UX-minded people, share your knowledge, and add new tools to your UX arsenal.

The question is – how will you engage in the conference preparation? Have a notion for an Ignite Session? Have a topic relative to the theme for an interactive session? Please send a note of interest and your contact information to info@indiana-upa.org and we will get in touch. We look forward to hearing your engaging ideas!

Conference Registration
Registration is now open! Early-bird discounted pricing ends November 5, 2014.

For more information visit the Indiana World Usability Day Website.

Don’t forget to save the date – November 13, 2014.

Chapter Meetings

Monday, September 29, 5:30pm (InDesign, Indianapolis) –UXPA Annual Conference Review
Attend a presentation regarding the recent UXPA Annual Conference. Richard Bellaver will be discussing his experiences and take-aways from the conference.

Anyone with an interest in user experience is welcome to attend. There is no charge for attending this meeting.Meet-and-greet time will be 5:30pm-6:00pm with pizza and soft drinks. The presentation will start at 6:00pm.

Note: The front door will be unlocked until 6:00pm. If you arrive after 6:00pm, please ring the doorbell.

Location: InDesign, 8225 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis (View map)


Previous Chapter Meetings

Tuesday, April 22, 5:30pm (Indesign, Indianapolis) – Online Branding and Evaluation
Websites have become critical interfaces for brand-customer communication. The components and features of a website not only support users to accomplish their tasks, but also give them an impression about the nature and the reputation of the underlying brand. To this end, a number of strategies and frameworks have been proposed in the past decade for planning, executing, and enhancing online branding. Tao Yang, PhD will present a brief review and his insights on current online branding approaches.

Wednesday, April 30, 6:30pm (Ball State Campus, Muncie) – Ball State HCI Student Projects
Join us for a special presentation at Ball State University of several HCI student projects. Projects include: The website usability for CICS, Marian University, and Verallia Glass Co, Muncie Children’s Museum, Ball State Library, and internal Ethernet projects.

Monday, May 5, 5:30pm (IUPUI Campus, Indianapolis) – IUPUI HCI Student Projects
Several graduate students in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) master's degree program at IUPUI will be presenting summaries of their research/design projects.

Tuesday, May 20, 5:30pm (Luther Consulting, Carmel) – The User Centered Design in Data Systems
Traditionally, systems focused on data entry and reporting have been more focused on data requirements and database structures than the people that use it. However, the UX of such systems is directly connected to quality of the data and decisions that can be based on it. Join us as Zachary Steiner, Ph.D will discuss the role of user centered design and importance experience in data entry and reporting.

Tuesday, July 22, 5:30pm (InDesign, Indianapolis) – Personas in Healthcare
Oftentimes, designers for healthcare products are faced with the challenge of getting to know the diverse users that make up their user base, as well as the many stakeholders that drive product decisions.  Personas can facilitate an increased awareness across the organization.  Join us as Christina Dunbar, MS will discuss how personas can help to leverage UX in an organization and offer a unique way to increase a company’s understanding of their stakeholders and target audience.

In addition to the main presentation, join us for a fun, innovation challenge that is one of the fastest and most powerful techniques for improving a team’s ability to generate fresh ideas, build rapport and incorporate prototyping in their design process.